Ubuntu 18.10: Install Xfce for desktop environment

This article will describe installing Xfce for desktop environment.

1 Install Xfce

The following command will install Xfce.

$ sudo apt install -y xubuntu-desktop
check for a default display manager.

  1. gdm3  2. lightdm

Default display manager: lightdm
$ sudo reboot

The following makes selecting display manager be automated.

#!/bin/sh -e

unset TERM
sudo apt install -y expect
cat <<EOF | expect
set timeout -1
spawn sudo apt install -y xubuntu-desktop
expect "Default display manager: "
send "lightdm\n"
expect eof
sudo reboot

2 Login to Xfce

After reboot, lightdm-gtk-greeter will be started. You can select other desktop environment.


Xfce is displayed.


3 Uninstall Xfce

The following command will uninstall Xfce.

#!/bin/sh -e

sudo apt remove -y xubuntu-desktop xfdesktop4 xfce4-* libxfce4-* \
sudo apt autoremove -y
sudo apt install --reinstall -y gdm3
sudo reboot