KaliLinux 2018.2: Install snap for application container

This article will describe installing snap for application container.

1 Install snap

Install snapd package with apt.

#!/bin/sh -e

# Enable AppArmor.
sudo systemctl enable apparmor
sudo systemctl start apparmor

# Install snapd.
sudo apt install -y snapd
sudo systemctl enable snapd
sudo systemctl start snapd
sudo sed -i /etc/sudoers \
     -e 's;secure_path="\(.*\)";secure_path=\1:/snap/bin;g'

2 Install application

Install gedit with snap.

#!/bin/sh -e

sudo snap install gnome-3-26-1604
sudo snap isntall gedit
/snap/bin/gedit --version

The gedit version will be displayed.

gedit - Version 3.28.1