LinuxMint 18: Install Nagios for web base system monitor tool

This article will describe installing Nagios which is a web-base system monitor tool.

1 Before installing Nagios

Install Postfix with this script.

2 Install Nagios

NAGIOS_PASSWD will be used for Basic authentication password of nagiosadmin user.

$ cat <<EOF | sudo debconf-set-selections
nagios3-cgi nagios3/adminpassword-repeat password ${NAGIOS_PASSWD}
nagios3-cgi nagios3/adminpassword password ${NAGIOS_PASSWD}
nagios3-cgi nagios3/adminpassword-mismatch note
$ sudo apt install -y -o 'apt::install-recommends=true' nagios3

Nagios configuration to Apache2 is written in the following file. You can change Nagios configuration like Digest authentication.


3 Access to Nagios

Access to Nagios via the following URL.


Input nagiosadmin user and NAGIOS_PASSWD.


Nagios is displayed.