Gerrit: Delete project with delete-project plugin

Gerrit does not have a feature of deleting project by default. You need to delete repository and cache manually. The delete-project plugin adds a feature of deleting project. This article will describe installing delete-project plugin and deleting project with delete-project plugin.

1 Install delete-project plugin

Download delete-project.jar from plugin-delete-project in gerrit-ci. Copy delete-project.jar to Gerrit plugins directory and restart Gerrit.

$ sudo cp delete-project.jar /var/gerrit/plugins/
$ sudo chown gerrit:gerrit /var/gerrit/plugins/delete-project.jar
$ sudo systemctl restart gerrit

2 Delete project via web interface

After adding delete-project plugin, "Delete" button is added to "Projects Commands" in project setting page. Deleting project needs Administrators group.


3 Delete project via CLI

  • Register SSH public key in user setting page. Deleting project needs Administrators group.
  • While creating project is "gerrit create-project", deletinig project is "deleteproject delete".
  • –force option will delete project which has an opened patch set.
$ ssh -q -p 29418 <server> deleteproject delete \
      --force --yes-really-delete <project>