Bash on Windows: Run ArchLinux on WSL

The alwsl project provides ArchLinux on WSL. This article will installing alswl.

1 Download alwsl.bat

Download alwsl.bat from alwsl. alwsl.bat will install Ubuntu 14.04 and replace to ArchLinux with apt-get.

2 Run alwsl.bat

Run "alwsl.bat install" on cmd.exe.

> alwsl.bat install
Do you want to start bash now? [Y,N]? Y

After ArchLinux Logo is displayed, root's bash is running. Running "bash" on cmd.exe will run root's bash.


Update pacman repository.

# pacman -Syu

Install sudo.

# pacman -S --noconfirm sudo
# pacman -S --noconfirm emacs
# EDITOR=emacs visudo # Remove '#' before %wheel

Create user.

# useradd -m hiroom2
# passwd hiroom2
# gpasswd -a hiroom2 wheel
# su - hiroom2

I cannot run systemd. But systemd's problem will be resolved because Ubuntu 16.04, which uses systemd, is porting to WSL now.