About new operating system Fuchsia

Google release New operating system which names Fuchsia. This article will describe current status of Fuchsia.


Running Fuchsia on qemu-system-aarch64 needs 12MB RAM. Kernel image size is 3.2MB, rootfs image size is 2.1MB and u-boot size will be about 500KB. Running Fuchsia needs 8MB ROM.

This spec is for system which only runs shell and test program. Adding libraries and applications will needs more RAM and ROM.

2 RTOS ?

Existing RTOS like VxWorks and T-engine needs less than 1MB RAM. The products supported by RTOS are not equal with Fuchsia. Fuchsia will conflicts with embedded Linux. And GitHub project page does not mention about real time latency.

3 Cortex-M

Fuchsia has Cortex-M codes at magenta/kernel/arch/arm/arm-m. Fuchsia can be used power saving device like Google Glass.

4 Current status

There are few application and libraries. Fuchsia will support Rraspberry Pi 3. But this will run only shell and test program if new application and libraries are not added. Fuchsia needs to explain which product is targetted like Google Glass and what is different with embedded Linux.