Ubuntu 16.04: Install didiwiki for wiki software

This article will describe installing didiwiki which is a lightweight wiki tool for personal user. This might be not for multiple user.

1 Install didiwiki

Install didiwiki with apt.

$ sudo apt install -y didiwiki

2 Run didiwiki

There are two ways for running didiwiki.

2.1 Run didiwiki with /etc/init.d/didiwiki

Enable didiwiki with systemctl.

$ sudo systemctl enable didiwiki
$ sudo systemctl start didiwiki

This will use /etc/default/didiwiki for configuration.

  • This listens and allow access only from local machine by default.
  • The wiki data will stored at /var/lib/didiwiki by default.
  • This will use 8000/tcp and cannot change it.

2.2 Run didiwiki with didiwiki command

You can run didiwiki with didiwiki command.

$ didiwkil [-l <addr>] [-p <port>] [-h <dir>]
  • -l option set listen address. Without -l option listens all network interface.
  • -h opsion set directory of wiki data. Without -h option stores wiki data to ${HOME}/.didiwiki.
  • -p option set TCP port. Without -p option uses 8000/tcp.

3 Wiki page format

The didiwiki uses below string for wiki page format.

==<string> Title
/!<string> / Italic
[<url> <string>] URL link
* <string> Bullet

Access following URL.


Create following sample page from "New" menu.

$ cat .didiwiki/sample
== Sample
This is a /!didiwiki / sample page.
The /!didiwiki / has a following feature.
* lightweight
* text-base

The sample page will be displayed as below.