snapd and Flatpak

This article will describe snapd and Flatpak on 2016/7.

Table of Contents

1 snapd

Structure of snapd is as below.


  • Because ubuntu core needed, it makes it difficult to port snapd to other Linux distributions. This ubuntu core is different with ubuntu core installed by apt.
  • Frameworks are not implemented yet.
  • The latest golang is needed to build snapd. The golang of Debian 8 cannot build snapd.
  • To build snap package uses plugin of snapd. Build scripts of the package needs to be modified for plugin.

2 Flatpak

Structure of Flatpak is as below.


  • Flatpak supports almost of latest Linux distribution. CentOS 7 might need backports.
  • There are GNOME application runtime (org.gnome.Platform) and KDE application runtime (org.kde.Platform).
  • Because the flatpak build can be run as a wrapper script, existing build scripts can be used via flatpak build.

3 Conclusion

The snapd is development state. This needs more improvement to port snapd and needs more flexible plugin.

Flatpak is close to product state. This needs more runtime and more supported packages.