ArchLinux 2016.06.01: Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

Display manager may not work correctly without Guest Additions.

This article will describe installing Guest Additions on ArchLinux with single user mode for disable running display manager.


1 Run single user mode

Press e key at "Arch Linux" of GRUB menu.


Append "1" at linux statement. Press Ctrl-x for booting ArchLinux.


Now single user mode is running. Input root password for login.


Run DHCP clients for networking. If you do not use DHCP client, please set IP address, routing information and DNS server information manually.

# systemctl restart dhcpcd

2 Install packages for building Guest Additions

Install packages with pacman for building Guest Additions.

# pacman -S --noconfirm linux-headers xorg base-devel

3 Mount Guest Additions CD Image

Insert iso file of VirtualBox Guest Additions from window menu of VirtualBox.

Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD image

Mount CD Image to /mnt.

# mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /mnt

4 Install Guest Additions

Run scripts for installing Guest Additions.

# cd /mnt
# ./

Reboot ArchLinux.

# reboot

5 Execution result

Display manager will work on Xfce + LXDM desktop and display resolution will be improved.