Android: Install Vysor and sharing android display with PC

This article will describe install Vysor and sharing android display with PC.


1 What is Vysor

This is a chrome application for sharing android display with PC.

A chrome application means that Vysor can be running Windows, OSX and Linux.


Vysor does not need android root.

But Vysor needs WebGL support and ADB.

2 Check WebGL is supported on PC

Access to chrome://gpu and check WebGL is "Hardware accelerated".

If "Unavailable" is not supported, android display will be corrupted.

3 Install ADB on PC

In case of Windows, Install Universal Windows ADB Driver.

In case of OSX and Linux, Install Android SDK.

4 Enable USB Debug on Android

ADB cannot connect to Android by default. You need to allow ADB Debug in Developper Option.

If Developper Option is not appeaared, please tap 7 times on Build Number in About Device.


5 Install Vysor on PC

Install Vysor from Chrome web store.

Start Vysor from chrome://apps page. 


6 Start Vysor

Connect android and PC with USB.

Check ADB connection as below command. If there are no devices under List of devices, ADB setting is wrong.

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
128ba48b        device

Start Vysor and devices list is dislpayed.


Double click on device on PC.

Caution is displayed on android and allow connection.

Now start sharing android display with PC.