Ubuntu 16.04: Fix mojibake on recovery mode

Adding locale.LANGUAGE=C to kernel parameter will fix mojibake on recovery mode.

This article will describe fixing mojibake and reseting password with recovery mode.


1 Mojibake on recovery mode

Menus of recovery mode will be mojibake.


2 Fix mojibake on recovery mode

Add locale.LANGUAGE=C to kernel parameter with GRUB.

2.1 Display GRUB menu

After power on machine, press Esc key and display GRUB menu.

GRUB recognizes your keyboard as an english layout.

Select "Advanced options for Ubuntu" and presse Enter key.


Select recovery mode of newest version and press e key.


GRUB and kernel parameter is displayed.


2.2 Change kernel parameter

Add locale.LANGUAGE=C at linux statement.

Changing ro to rw will mount root filesystem rw mode.

This article add local.LANGUAGE=C and changed ro to rw.

You can change root filesystem to rw mode with running "mount -o remount,rw /" later.


Press Ctrl-x key and kernel will boot.

2.3 Run recovery mode

Now mojibake on recovery mode is fixed.


2.4 Reset password (Additional)

Reset password for foggotten password.


If you do not change ro to rw at linux statement, "Authentication token manipulation error" will be displayed. Please run "mount -o remount,rw /" for it.


After reboot, you can use reset password.